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              Company Profile

                Zhengzhou Xisheng Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd., established at Shangjie District, Zhengzhou City on January 13, 1999, is a corporation specially engaged in manufacturing and selling of aluminum-based intermediate alloy, flux for wrought aluminum & aluminum alloy, and element additive for aluminum & aluminum alloy. It takes a technology-leading position in flux and additive among the same domestic industry. It also has been involved in preparation of the State Non-Ferrous Metal Industry Standards YS/T491-2005 Flux for Wrought Aluminum and Aluminum Alloy, and YS/T492-2005 Element Additive for Aluminum and Aluminum Alloys. At the State Non-Ferrous Metal Auxiliary Materials Session held in April of this year, the Company is authorized by the State Technical Committee for Standardization of Non-Ferrous Metals to carry out the review and revision of the YS/T491-2005 Flux for Wrought Aluminum and Aluminum Alloy.

                The Company has developed a research titled in national purification treatment of aluminum melts with the Central South University based on a close university-enterprise cooperation relationship for many years. Its fluxes and additives have been continuously used in the military and civilian aluminum processing projects (such as various aerospace navigation projects) of the Light Alloy Test Base set in the Central South University for more than three years, and therefore obtained a good evaluation in stable long-term use by various relevant Scientific Research Project Teams.

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