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              The function and characteristics of aluminium die casting in life

              Number of visits: Date:3/25/2017

                Aluminum die casting aluminum melt into liquid, with high pressure, high speed in the cavity of the die casting mould, injection after being aluminum water cooling, open the mould, you can get a molding products. However, aluminum is not used for aluminum scrap, but aluminum. Too many impurities of aluminium will affect die-casting work.

                The role and characteristics of aluminum die casting in life:

                Aluminum die-casting has a good durability, which is not the performance of many castings.

                Due to the strong stability of aluminum, and the ability to withstand oxidation, aluminum die casting is not rusted, and it is also resistant to corrosion. Because of this, many decorative products are made of aluminum die-casting, which will keep the color from fading.

                3, aluminum die casting is very safe, and after many experiments proved that the aluminum has good shock resistance, but also for air pressure and weathering resistance ability is amazing. So if we use aluminum castings, we're safer. At the same time, aluminum die-casting is lighter, reduces the burden on people, and reduces the danger.

                Because aluminum is very good, it determines its plasticity, and can be designed in various forms, and malleability is particularly advantageous. Because of this, aluminum castings can be used to recycle, save materials, and apply a wide range of applications. Because of this feature of aluminum, it also determines its creativity, which is very good, and can be reinvented at will.

                Because aluminum is relatively light, it is easier for us to use. There is no pressure to install or maintain.

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