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              Identification method of aluminum alloy building profiles

              Number of visits: Date:3/25/2017

                Aluminum alloy construction profiles (hereinafter referred to as aluminum) is used to machining aluminium alloy door, window, glass curtain wall and a aluminum alloy hot extrusion profiles used for decoration, have qualitative light, beautiful, durable characteristics, widely used in all kinds of construction and renovation.

                Here are a few simple ways of identifying the color profiles of anodized materials:

                Identification check: whether the aluminum profile and the packaging are marked with the product standard code and the production license number.

                2, the surface quality: in addition to the aluminum surface should be clean, not allowed to have defects such as cracks, peeling, corrosion and bubble, also there is no corrosion spots, electric burns, shading, defects such as oxidation film falls off.

                Film thickness: the oxide film of aluminum profile is formed in anodic oxidation, which has protective and decorative effect, and can be detected by eddy current measuring instrument.

                4, hole sealing quality: aluminum surface after anodic oxidation have many gap, if not closed or closed is not good, will reduce the corrosion resistance of aluminum. The usual methods of sealing hole quality check are acid dip, admittance method and phosphoric acid method. Acid leaching is generally used in the on-site inspection. The aluminum surface with acetone is swabbed clean, remove grease and dirt, the volume ratio of 50% nitric acid to the surface and gently scrub, nitric acid wash off after 1 minute, and then dried. Drop a drop of medicinal violet liquid onto the surface, and after a minute, wipe the purple liquid and rinse the surface thoroughly. The aluminum profile that is not well sealed will leave a visible trace, the more the quality of the seal will be.

                Corrosion resistance: this index mainly affects the life of aluminum profiles. Corrosion resistance tests for copper accelerated acetic acid salt spray test and drop alkali test. Here's the drip test. Is under 35 ℃ + 1 ℃, about 10 mg, 100 g/L NaOH solution drops to the surface of aluminum extrusions, visual observation until bubbling corrosion caused droplet, calculation of the oxide film was through time. This experiment is easy to make in the summer outside, and to ensure that the accuracy of the trial is required under the strict conditions of the laboratory.

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