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              The reason of the surface of aluminum alloy parts black

              Number of visits: Date:3/25/2017

                Aluminum oxide processing of aluminum alloy casting are generally made of metal mold casting, metal aluminium and aluminium alloy has good liquidity and plasticity, but in the use process is easy to turn black, reason is:

                (1) the technical design is unreasonable. The aluminum alloy die casting parts are not handled properly after cleaning or compaction, and the condition is created for the mould of aluminum alloy die casting.

                (2) the warehouse management is not in place. The aluminum alloy die casting piece is stored at different heights in the warehouse, and its mould condition is different.

                (3) the internal factors of aluminum alloy. Many manufacturers in the die casting aluminum alloy die casting, machining process, don't do any cleaning, or simple water, can't do a thorough clean, die-casting aluminum surface residual release agent, cutting fluid, saponification liquid, such as corrosive materials and other stains, these stains accelerated the speed of the aluminum alloy die casting mould some black.

                (4) external environmental factors of aluminum alloy. Aluminum is a reactive metal, which can be easily oxidized to black or moldy under certain temperature and humidity conditions, which is determined by the characteristics of aluminum itself.

                (5) the choice of cleaning agent is not allowed. The choice of cleaning agent is highly corrosive, causing the corrosion oxidation of aluminum alloy.

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