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              Copper compressed powder products

              1. Scope

              1.1. This specification defines the physical and chemical properties of copper compressed powder products (tablets and briquettes) for the alloying of aluminum melts.

              1.1.1. Products covered by this specification include: 85% Cu / 15% Al, 80% Cu / 20% Al and 75% Cu / 25% Al

              1.1.2. Compressed powder products shall not contain any salt flux. 1.2. The following publications serve as reference documents:

              1.2.1. ANSI H 35.3 American National Standard designation system for aluminum hardeners

              1.2.2. International designations and chemical composition limits for aluminum hardeners (Grey sheets), Aluminum Association

              1.2.3. Standard Test procedure for Measuring the Dissolution of Aluminum Hardeners, Aluminum Association method TP-2, 1990 and the March 4, 1994 addendum to TP-2, modification of recovery calculation

              1.2.4. ASTM E29 Standard practice for using significant digits in test data to determine conformance with specifications

              2. Technical Specifications

              2.1. Material

              2.1.1. The copper will be from primary production only with a minimum purity of 99.6% and a metallic purity (excluding non-metallic elements) of 99.8%.

              2.1.2. The aluminum powder used for blending shall be a minimum of 99.5% purity

     The use of small amounts of chopped foil is permitted, but shall not exceed 5% of the aluminum content.

              2.2. Chemistry

              2.2.1. The composition of the chromium powder and compressed powder products shall conform to the limits specified in the following table.

                                  Copper compressed powder products

              Composition Limits



              Cu Powder 100% Cu

              85% Cu

              80% Cu

              75% Cu













              0. 10

              0. 10

              0. 10









































              Limits are maxima unless otherwise specified or shown as a range

              2.2.2. The compressed powder products shall be free of moisture and volatile hydrocarbons, < 0.05% by weight.

              2.3. Form

              2.3.1. Compressed powder products shall have a density of 4.0 – 4.6 g / cm3.

              2.3.2. Individual tablets or briquettes shall not be friable if removed from their packaging.

              2.4. Internal cleanliness

              2.4.1 Internal cleanliness for oxides observed in polished micro-sections of compressed powder products shall not exceed 2% of the examination area.

              2.5. Dissolution

              2.5.1 Alloying ingredients are evaluated regularly for dissolution rate and recovery according to “Aluminum Association TP-2 – Standard Test Procedure for Measuring the Dissolution of Aluminum hardeners”.

              3. General Requirements

              3.1. Commercial document

              3.1.1. This specification is a commercial document intended as a basis for discussion in contract negotiation and establishment of memoranda of understanding or sales / purchasing agreements for the specified raw material on behalf of Westen production centers.

              3.1.2. Westen reserves the right to waive or modify any part of this specification on a case by case basis

              3.1.3. Detailed aspects specific to individual production centers, such as identification / marking, packaging, required documentation and delivery requirements shall be specified on the sales purchasing agreement.

              3.2. Quality standard

              3.2.1 Westen guarantees having the registered quality management ISO system.

              3.3. Quality control

              3.3.1. Sampling and analytical methods (chemical and physical) used by the supplier for obtaining the values reported on certificates of analysis should be ASTM standard methods or other equivalent, nationally recognized methods of analysis.

     Westen will advise users of the use of analytical methods not standard to the industry and submit a copy of the method to users for approval.

     If the specification requires the use of a non-standard method of analysis, upon request, users shall provide a copy of the method of analysis or directions on how to obtain a copy.

              3.3.2. Rounding of reported values should conform to ASTM E 29.

              3.4. Packaging

              3.4.1. The material name, supplier’s name, lot number and net weight shall be clearly indicated on each package.

     The net weight shall be reported in kg or lb.

     The lot number on the package shall correspond to the accompanying certificate of analysis.

     Color coding shall be according to the international designation system for aluminum hardeners when appropriate (Aluminum Association or Europe).

     Markings on individual packages shall be such that the material is visibly identifiable from a distance (for example color coded wrapping or labels), even on partial palettes or coils.

              3.4.2. The product must be kept dry and moisture free while in transit from the production facility to the users production center.

              3.4.3. Packaging materials meant to be consumed with the product shall be compatible with incineration (for example, polyethylene is acceptable whereas polyvinylchloride is not). Packaging materials should be fabricated from recycled materials and their quantity minimized whenever possible.

              3.5. Certificate of analysis

              3.5.1. Certificates of analysis will report all elements included in the specification to the number of decimal places specified by the limit.

     Composition shall be reported in weight percent (% w/w).

     Conformance to specification shall be determined by the “rounding method” of ASTM E29

     Elements covered by Others (Each) shall be reported if their value is not zero to the number of decimal places specified.

     For elements that are analyzed routinely but not reported, the certificate shall indicate typical maximum values (preceded by “<”)

     For elements that are not analyzed routinely for each lot, the certificate shall indicate maximum values (preceded by “<”) determined on a best effort basis from regular process audits.

     When particle size distribution forms part of the specification, particle size analysis shall be reported on the certificate of analysis.

              3.6. Shipment documentation

              3.6.1. The minimum documentation accompanying a shipment of material shall be a bill of lading and certificates of analysis for each lot / batch / heat of material in the shipment.

              Prepared by: Zhengzhou Westen Aluminium Industry Co.,Ltd.

              Approved by: Youwang Li Issue Date:05/12/2012

              Zhengzhou Westen Aluminium Industry Co.,Ltd.

              48 West Xinan Road, Shangjie District, Zhengzhou, P.R. China Phone Number: 86-371-68111507 Fax Number:86-371-68115778

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