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              Sisheng aluminum, aluminum industry standard, provides excellent service for you!

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                Zhengzhou west shing aluminium co., LTD is located in national aluminum industrial base - shangjie district, zhengzhou city, is engaged in the molten aluminium with among flux, aluminum alloy, alloy and alloying additives production of specialized enterprises. Companies with domestic famous universities and research institute for technical backing, pay attention to study and absorb advanced technology at home and abroad, on this basis, developed a series of stable quality, good performance of related products. The company as the industry's leading technology companies in mainland China, participated in the non-ferrous metal industry standard of the People's Republic of China the deformation of aluminium and aluminium alloy with flux and the aluminium and aluminium alloy ingredients, additives, the drafting and formulation. The company has advanced production equipment, detection means complete, has passed ISO9001:2000 quality system certification, effectively ensure the west shing products of high quality, won the trust of customers.

                "The pursuit of excellence is a difficult one." The diligent and practical xisheng people are willing to cooperate with the aluminum industry colleagues in the first-class products, first-class service and aluminum industry.

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